Millennials choosing public transportation over cars

Millennials choosing public transportation over cars
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DOWNTOWN CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Many young professionals are choosing not to buy cars. Instead, as they move into the city, they're using public transportation. It's an environmental and economical decision.

The numbers from the

are a deeper look into how the future may look. The group surveyed 500 Ohio college students and 84 percent say it is important to them to live in a place where they can get around without driving. Walking, biking and public transportation options are what Millennials are looking for as they make the critical decision on where they are going to live.

CEO Joe Calabrese was not surprised by the survey. He's seen similar studies and he knows what's at stake.

"The talent we need for tomorrow's jobs, we are either going to retain in Ohio, or they're going to go to another city," he said.

One critical problem, according to Calabrese, is that the state of Ohio spends less than just about every other state on public transportation.

"When people say to me, 'We can't afford to put more money in public transit.' I say, 'Can we afford not to put more money in public transit?'" he said.

Bike Cleveland executive director Jacob VanSickle was also not surprised by what Millennials expect when choosing where to live. VanSickle says there has been progress made in developing safer city travel for bicycles, but adding to the infrastructure is going to take a bigger financial commitment from the city and state.

"Transportation choices are key reasons people move and stay in a city," VanSickle said. "If someone doesn't want to own a car in Cleveland, it's really hard to get around."

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