Prosecutors intercept jailhouse letter detailing escape plans of accused child rapist

Prosecutors intercept jailhouse letter detailing escape plans of accused child rapist

CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - A judge raised bond to $10 million Thursday for a Westlake man behind bars for allegedly raping multiple children, after prosecutors decoded a letter in which he detailed an escape plan.

William Waters III, 38, also had his phone and mail privileges revoked during an emergency hearing by the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.

Authorities say they intercepted a letter from Waters to his mother and co-defendant on Tuesday that was written in code.

When prosecutors and deputies cracked that code, they say Waters wrote, "I have a plan for escaping but could really use your help to pull it off."

Prosecutors say Waters also described a plan that involved a transfer to a psychiatric hospital. They say the letter also indicated that Waters needed a gun, a prepaid smart phone and a getaway car.

Prosecutors released a portion of the letter:

"I do not want to kill any innocent guards but I am not afraid to do so if it me and my life or theirs," Waters wrote. "I would rather die fighting for my freedom than sit here waiting to go to kangaroo court just to find out I am gonna die in prison anyway once I am free I will search out and kill everyone on the (expletive) witness list include the corrupt cops and judge…

"Once I am done dealin with all these lyin (expletive) involved in this I will leave this country for a country with no extradition treaty. Where I will remain until I am old and gray but for now I would appreciate your help as I struggle to regain my freedom."

Waters fled Ohio last year after he learned three minors had told Westlake Police that he had sexually assaulted them.

Prosecutors say he left the state with a minor child and a computer and thumb drive containing child pornography.

Waters was arrested three months later in Fort Smith, AR.

In January, he was indicted on 102 counts by a Cuyahoga County grand jury.

He's charged with multiple counts of rape, kidnapping, gross sexual imposition, and pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor.

Prosecutors say three of his five rape victims were minors, as young as 8 years old.

The indictment also charged Waters' mother, Cheryl Waters, with five felonies, including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence.

His wife, Heather Waters, was charged with obstructing official business and endangering children.

Both are free on personal bond awaiting trial.

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