Attention shoppers: Online vs. in-store purchases

Attention shoppers: Online vs. in-store purchases

Many companies are offering "Subscribe and Save" programs giving you big discounts if you sign up to get shipments on a regular basis.

But can it beat the prices at the brick and mortar stores? Consumer reporter Danielle Serino found that it all depends on where you shop.

Toilet paper, diapers and laundry detergent are among hundreds of products you can order and ship to yourself through Subscribe and Save programs.

"Amazon, if you order at least three items in a subscribe program you get 15 percent off and with Target you get 5 percent off, plus another 5 percent if you use your Target Red Card," said Kyle James of

Shipping is free and you can change the dates or quantities anytime. James compared these products with retailers to find you the best price.

Diapers aren't cheap, so where is the best deal? Amazon's 192 count of Huggies is $44.81, more than $2 cheaper than Prime.

Target is only $.02 more. That makes them $.23 per diaper. Costco sells a smaller pack of 180, but they are only $38.99. That comes to $.22 per diaper.

If you like Pampers then Walmart is where you'll save more. If you buy Luv's, Amazon is your best bet.

"Some of them are a wash with Walmart or Costco, I also looked at Rite Aid and Walgreens. The ones that are a wash, once you factor in your time, the gas, the convenience, it really tips the scales in favor of the Subscribe and Save program," James explained.

Costco wins on a big bag of dog food, but then you have to get it home.

"We're buying these 50 pound bags of dog food at Costco, so heck, if we can get this sent to our home for about the same price, it's a no brainier," he said.

There's a gap in prices for Brawny paper towels. You'll pay $1.27 per roll at Costco, $1.12 at Target, but Amazon's price is the lowest at $1.07 a roll. The online programs are significantly cheaper for toilet paper too.

"It's just smart shopping and it saves you a ton of time and is very convenient," said James.

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