Pig plight: husband of broker speaks out

Pig plight: husband of broker speaks out

The Rodriguez family in Cleveland continues to be heartbroken after making the tough decision to give up their pet pot-bellied pig, Sergeant Sausage.

"We felt him locked up all day just wasn't fair for him. We wanted to get him on a farm, get him somewhere safe," said Jay Rodriguez.

Jay found a woman named Debbie to take the pig in Painesville. A woman named Wendy with a rescue agency brokered the adoption and even said she would transport the pig to its new home.

"I helped them load him and everything. Said my goodbyes," said Rodriguez.

"How tough was that?" asked 19 Action News Reported Dan DeRoos.

"It was pretty tough, I mean I love him, he's my pet, a family member," said Rodriguez.

The problem is that Wendy never delivered "Sarge" to Painesville. After our story Thursday, we finally heard from Wendy's husband "Chris."

His explanation is that the Rodriguez family surrendered Sarge and the rescue agency can do whatever they see fit.

He says they determined the Painesville situation wasn't suitable for Sarge, even though 19 Action News has the Facebook message Wendy sent to Rodriguez, saying Debbie had already gone through the adoption paperwork and said "we have approved her."

"I want him to come back home," said Rodriguez.

I asked Chris if they would return Sarge. He said no, then accused the Rodriguez family of not being suitable owners.

Chris alleged the Rodriguez's yard was all mud, even though cell phone video of the pig in the backyard shows grass.

Chris also claims that Sarge was forced to live under the porch, even though another video shows Sarge on a blanket on the couch.

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