Consumer Alert: Name That Scam

Consumer Alert: Name That Scam

As great as it sounds no one is going to transfer money to your account for no reason.

One email that is circulating reads "payment by bank transfer." It's a trick to get you to open a malicious attachment. Crooks could install a virus on your computer or steal your banking information. If you think you've been a victim, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Another email claims that you have been selected to receive $2.5 million as part of a charity for the sender's wife who recently died of cancer. There is no money. Do not reply or click any links. Report this one to the Internet Crime Complaint Center as well.

Google Chrome users are advised to watch out for emails asking to download a new browser. If you click the link, crooks can lock your computer and demand a fee to unlock it. Again, never click links in unsolicited emails.

If you need an update, Google will have information on its official site. If you fall for this one and your computer is locked, take it to an expert. You should als report it to the Anti-phishing Working Group.

If you have ever had your iPhone stolen, crooks are targeting you. They have created sites that look real to trick you into giving up your login information for your iCloud accounts.

You will get a message claiming that your device has been found. You are then told to click a link to find it. As always, never click links in emails and check with the company to make sure the email is real. You can report this to Apple.

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