Cleveland Indians 2015 Fantasy Baseball Outlook, part I

Cleveland Indians 2015 Fantasy Baseball Outlook, part I

Fantasy baseball season is just around the corner Cleveland fans! We have you covered all season long at


! What better way to start out the season than to cover your hometown team, the Tribe. We will do positional breakdowns and project statistics for each player in 2015. Let's get started with the offense in this two-part special!

Catcher: Yan Gomes

- Cleveland had MLB's breakout catcher in 2014 with 21 homeruns and 74RBI. His great year was real and we can expect similar numbers heading into 2015. The power plays at all parks, and he is assured the lion's share of at bats at the catcher position.

Projection: 20-HR/76-RBI/66-R/0-SB/.267-AVG.

First Base: Carlos Santana

- After a terrible start to the 2014 season, Santana turned it on after all-star break and mashed 27 home runs, tying a career high. He also knocked in 85 runs, and walked and incredible 113 times. Santana will be very helpful in leagues where he still has eligibility at catcher, 1B, and 3B.

Projection: 27-HR/90-RBI/75-R/3-SB/.255-AVG.

Second Base: Jason Kipnis-

Mr. Kipnis hit that dreaded sophomore slump in 2014. A combination of injuries and inconsistencies marred a potential Top 5 Fantasy year for Kipnis. He had surgery on his hand and is expected to be at full-health heading into 2015.

Projection: 14-HR/65-RBI/80-R/25-SB/.265-AVG.

Shortstop: Jose Ramirez

- After playing only 68 games in the big leagues last year, Terry Francona has named Ramirez the starter. He is only keeping the position warm for the young prospect, Francisco Lindor. He will be a stopgap that will produce serviceable numbers in real life only. He is OFF of the fantasy radar in 2014.

Projection: 4-HR/26-RBI/29-R/13-SB/.261-AVG.

Third Base: Lonnie Chisenhall-

Lonnie Baseball came onto the scene last year and was a Top 5 Third Baseman through All-Star break. Then, the second half hit and he fell off of the mountain. His average was well above .300 pre-break, and then it plummeted to .280 by season's end. We think that is a more realistic average for his skill set.

Projection: 9-HR/45-RBI/55-R/2-SB/.270-AVG.

Left Field: Michael Brantley-

He was Cleveland's MVP in 2014. He finished Top 10 in the outfield in fantasy by belting 20 homers and stealing 23 bags. Even more impressive, he hit to the tune of a .327 average. Looking deeper into his stats, he outplayed his skillset dramatically, and we could see some regression in 2015, but not a ton. We have him ranked just outside of our Top 20 Overall.

Projection: 18-HR/92-RBI/94-R/21-SB/.300-AVG.

Center Field: Michael Bourn-

One of Cleveland's biggest signings heading into last year, Bourn sorely disappointed in real life and fantasy baseball. A perennial .300 hitter with 30+ stolen potential, Bourn was often injured and never got going in 2014. He is healthy in Spring Training and Francona has said that he wants Bourn to run more this year. A definite outfield sleeper that you can target late.

Projection: 5-HR/52-RBI/85-R/32-SB/.275-AVG.

Right Field: Brandon Moss-

The front-office made a big splash this off-season by signing Moss. He is coming off of hip surgery, which ended his season early in 2014. He has monster home run potential and can provide much needed power to the Tribe's offense. He is capable of cranking 30 out of the Jake…er…Prog. The average will leave something to be desired if he can't figure lefties out. He is an excellent late round fantasy player will dual eligibility at 1B and OF.

Projection: 29-HR/73-RBI/80-R/1-SB/.258-AVG.

Designated Hitter: Nick Swisher-

The former Buckeye never really got going since coming over from the Bronx on a hefty contract. Swisher is aging and knee surgery is putting him behind the 8-ball coming into preseason this year. If he can prove to be healthy, he still has a little pop left in his bat. He is on the wrong-side of 30, but he is a veteran slugger that can be useful in deeper leagues.

Projection: 18-HR/75-RBI/68-R/1-SB/.240-AVG.

-The Whiz-

Zac Barson,