WWII veteran keeps lifetime gym membership

WWII veteran keeps lifetime gym membership

A local World War II veteran who turned 100-years-old on Veterans Day was having a problem with his lifetime gym membership.

Joe Dardis was told by the new owners of his gym, FX Fitness, that the lifetime membership he bought from the place decades ago under previous ownership was no good anymore.

His friends expressed their concerns on social media.

Reporter Paul Orlousky went to the gym to investigate and was told that no cameras were allowed inside.

An employee called gym owner Sam Khori.

"The specific contract that Mr. Dardis was on is again not recognized by the State of Ohio because they don't recognize lifetime contracts," said Khori.

Khori is correct. He is under no legal obligation to honor lifetime contracts.

But after his conversation with Orlousky, a new agreement was reached.

"We actually made a decision just because it was brought to my attention to renew him for one dollar a year," said Khori.

Although Khori disagrees with some of the facts in Facebook posts, the story did spread far and wide, showing once again the power of social media.

Khori tells us that Joe Dardis will be the exception, not the rule, largely because at 100 he is exceptional.

Others with old contracts should know that this is a new, start-up company and no one is grandfathered in.

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