Vandals hit Bay Village cars and homes

Vandals hit Bay Village cars and homes

BAY VILLAGE, OH (WOIO) - Bay Village Police are looking for vandals who struck with spray paint over the weekend.

Police say someone spray painted the front porch of a home on West Oakland Road, the hood and window of a car on Osborn Road, and another vehicle on Bassett Road.

The homeowner was able to remove the graffiti, but the cars will take a lot more work and money.

"I think it's kids, I really don't know," said neighbor Molly Steward.

News of the crimes spread quickly on Facebook.

"What I heard I read on 'Secret Bay Village'," said neighbor Julie Meadows.

"Secret Bay Village" is a Facebook page run by Bay Village residents. It chronicles what is going on in the community, good and bad.

Meadows said she gets a lot of her local information there.

"It made it seem like the vandals were teenagers and they were targeting people they knew," said Meadows

One victim we talked with said police have a suspect.

The police report says charges are expected to be filed with Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court.

But it may be a Facebook page that helps crack the case.

Police say they are continuing to investigate.

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