Navy Seal on Trial, Cloudy and Cool, China Changes One Child Policy

Navy Seal on Trial, Cloudy and Cool, China Changes One Child Policy
Christopher Heben in court. (Source: WOIO)

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - The trial for a northeast

ccused of lying about being shot in Bath Township last year is expected to begin in Akron today.

Christopher Heben pled not guilty to falsification and obstructing official business.

He was arrested after investigators found inconsistencies with his story. Heben claimed he was shot in the stomach by three black men at West Market Plaza on March 28, 2014.

Heben never called 911, but drove himself to the hospital to get help.


Morning rain/snow showers (East).  Mostly cloudy.


Clouds increase.  A flurries/mix east after 3 AM.  Low:  33


Morning clouds, afternoon sunshine.  High: 50

TANGZHOU, CHINA (CNN) - Every Chinese family revolves around a child.

Parents call their daughter Tao Zi, or little peach.

Like both her parents before her, Tao is an only child.

"Once my cousin visited, and we shared a bed for a few nights," says her dad Chang Zi'an. "I really enjoyed that feeling and I wished that I had a brother.”

But for decades, the Communist Party relentlessly pushed its 'one-child' policy. When propaganda didn't work, they used heavy fines and forced abortion to curb population growth. Now, some experts call the one-child policy a glaring mistake.

"China has already began to feel an unfolding crisis in terms of its population change,” said professor Wang Feng of Fudan University.

The one-child policy gambled with China's economic future. The

In just 15 years there will be more than 400 million elderly in China and many feel that the one child policy is out of step.

So the party has changed its tune, pushing a new ideal family with a daughter and a son, where more is better.

Tao Zi's parents and millions of others are now eligible for a second child. They should be ideal candidates, but housing in Beijing is costly. And they say China is too competitive, and good schools too expensive to even contemplate a second child.

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