Taxpayers on the hook for road damage done by contractors

Taxpayers on the hook for road damage done by contractors

Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley is creating a road repair controversy by asking others to foot the bill for Cleveland's damaged streets.

Kelley told a caucus to discuss rebuilding the city's crumbling roads, saying quote "infrastructure is a fundamental responsibility of municipal government.

Kelley wants utility companies that cut holes in Cleveland's streets to access steam ducts, water and sewer lines, gas and electric, to pay for the inevitable repairs.

Once the pavement is cut, it is weakened. Those cuts also expose what appears to be shoddy work in some places, making deterioration worse.

A prime example is East 9th Street which was rebuilt in the Summer of 2014. It was a beautiful job when completed, but in just 30 days Cleveland Thermal Energy was digging it up to replace a vault.

Today East 9th is pock-marked from where Thermal dug it up.

It will be up to the city, not the utilities to make the patches, and up to taxpayers to pay for repairs.

But as our Paul Orlousky learned, it is not completely the utility's fault. The city does little to check up on how pavement cuts are patched.

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