North Olmsted school upgrades security system

North Olmsted school upgrades security system

NORTH OLMSTED, OH (WOIO) - Administrators at St. Brendan Catholic School say they feel safe after undergoing a security upgrade.

"It provides comfort knowing we have that communication with schools," said principal Julie Onacila.

The school just installed $20,000 worth of security cameras and monitors that record 24/7, as well as a new system that allows Onacila to contact authorities at the push of a button.

"All we would have to do is press the button, and we would automatically have contact with fire, police, and EMS," Onacila explained.

The system also allows them to have communication with other area schools.

"We're all connected, so if any of the public schools, if anything goes on, we're all on the same system. If something happens at Butternut, we'll see it. If something happens at the other schools, we'll know," said Onacila.

Onacila says this is not a new trend, but rather the new norm, and St. Brendan is among a list of schools equipped with this type of system.

"Lakewood, Rocky River, Westlake, all the area schools have them," she said.

According to Onacila, the equipment was made possible by a grant from the state, and another from the Catholic Diocese. She said there were no security breaches that prompted the installation, administrators just wanted to take precaution.

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