VIDEO: Cavs head coach David Blatt on the play calling

VIDEO: Cavs head coach David Blatt on the play calling

head coach David Blatt spoke to the media on Wednesday.

There was a report out that LeBron James calls the plays and David Blatt repeats the play, Blatt was asked if it is peculiar that LeBron would call the plays out on the floor, " No I don't think that's peculiar, when the game is going on and you're in the heat of the battle, sometimes you can't get a message through or you don't want to stop the flow, we have sets that we know what we're using going in and we have a package that we're going to use going in. At times during the flow of a game, somebody may call out a play, I don't think that's unusual no. Certainly if you know what you're doing and we have a plan going in that's obviously not an all the time case but it's going to happen during a course of a game sure."

The Cavaliers are currently the second seed in the Eastern Conference with only seven games left, the Cavs will take on the

on Thursday at Quicken Loans Arena. There is a chance the Heat and Cavaliers will meet up in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

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