Guest Editorial: Lakewood Hospital

Guest Editorial: Lakewood Hospital

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - I am Mike Summers, mayor of Lakewood.

I was born in Lakewood Hospital. I understand the emotional attachment to this community institution. But now, we need to look forward to the next 100 years of health care delivery.

Health care is changing. Technological advances, regulatory shifts toward prevention, health care cost pressures and the nature of changing health care needs are compelling dramatic changes in delivery.

The Lakewood Hospital Association has been very proactive about addressing these changes, exploring all options to find a financially sustainable solution that meets the health care needs of citizens

Under the proposed plan, the Cleveland Clinic will construct, own and operate an estimated $34 million, 62,000-square-foot family health center. This will include a full-service emergency department, state-of-the-art diagnostics, imaging, labs and treatment capability. This is good news for our community and a great first step in transforming the health care services available in Lakewood.

Perhaps even more exciting is the news that this proposal will bring a $32 million community-based and focused wellness foundation to benefit our citizens. This means we can provide creative solutions to advancing our community's wellness for our next century of health care.

Thank you.

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