Scam circulating offering fake Walmart position

Scam circulating offering fake Walmart position

(WOIO) - A viewer called us about a letter to become a "Customer Service Evaluator" for a major retailer. After we did a little digging, we learned the job offer is as phony as the letter. But you could pay a big price if you accept the offer.

The job offer claims to be from

. Don't be fooled by phrases like "Quality Control Program" or "Consumer Service Evaluator." These are just fancy ways of saying "Mystery Shopper," and none of it's true. The note also says you should keep the offer "confidential," which is always a red flag.

It didn't take long to see where this was headed.

You're told you'll get paid $350 for your first job assignment. Attached to that letter is a fake check for nearly $2,000. 

You're told to visit a site called "" Despite the name, this site is not affiliated with Walmart. It does look legit though, as you're even taken to several screens to fill out information.  

After you deposit the bogus check, you're told to head to a Western Union or MoneyGram and wire hundreds of dollars as part of your assignment. 

Here is the problem: Once the bank realizes the check is fraudulent, you will be held responsible for the amount used. When it comes to Western Union and MoneyGram, once you've sent the money and it's picked up by the crooks, it's usually too late to get a refund and you'll still owe the bank. 

Walmart confirms the letter is a scam. The company also says it doesn't participate in mystery shopping programs. It advises consumers to visit its website to learn how they can protect themselves.

Also, both Western Union and MoneyGram have sections on their sites warning about common ways fraudsters try to get your money.  

This Walmart deception came in the form of a letter, but remember, there are also e-mails running similar schemes. Walmart says it's working to have the fake website taken down.

Experts say keep in mind, a company is not going to pay you before you start a job and no legitimate company will ask you to wire funds.

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