Warm Thursday, California Drought, Starbucks Scam

Warm Thursday, California Drought, Starbucks Scam


Good news! WARMER!  Yes! Not a bad start! But you remember the routine…right? Clouds… winds pick up! And rain moves in or the threat of rain before lunchtime!


Some storms rolling through…the worst storms west and south… … followed by heavy rain and winds is the biggest issue. LOW: 47


Mainly cloudy with scattered rain showers in the afternoon.  Temps drop Friday night and we could see some wet snow overnight. High:55

TUSTIN, Calif. (AP) - Gary Whitlock watched water run down to the sidewalk as gardeners hosed down a bed of marigolds outside an Orange County office building and questioned if California's latest attempt to curb water use would be any more successful than previous ones in the drought-stricken state.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered state officials to impose

for the first time in history as the state grapples with a serious drought.More

California Gov. Jerry Brown ordered officials Wednesday to impose statewide mandatory water restrictions for the first time in history as surveyors found the lowest snow level in the Sierra Nevada snowpack in 65 years of...More

Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday ordered sweeping and unprecedented measures to save water in California. A survey that day found the snowpack, which supplies a third of the state's water, almost completely vanished.

"We're in a new era; the idea of your nice little green grass getting water every day, that's going to be a thing of the past," Brown said, standing on a brown field that would normally be covered in snow that melts its way into taps.

The governor's order calls for cities and towns to cut water use by 25 percent, but many Californians like Whitman aren't seeing a difference in their day-to-day routines or a hit to their wallets because of the drought.

"You see people that just run water all the time, people that are watering their lawns, parks that are not using recycled water," said Whitlock.

"This has been going on for years and everybody that I talk to says, 'Oh, well, you know, it's going to rain, El Nino's coming."

Cities have developed local storage supplies to soften the blow of future dry years, which also insulates residents from the severity of the drought. Brown also asked for a voluntary 25 percent cut in water use in 1977 during his first term as governor.

Most people enjoy a cup of coffee. That's why cyber crooks hope your fix for the beverage will cloud your judgment. They're betting you'll be quick to reply to a

It looks real enough and claims AT&T is offering you a $20 Starbucks gift card, including a security code. The e-mail says all you have to do is click a link, print the offer, and take it to Starbucks.

But there is no coffee or gift card waiting on you. AT&T says the e-mail offer is not from them. The company confirms it's a scam that will install a virus on your computer if you click the link.

AT&T reminds consumers that crooks can easily make an e-mail look like it's coming from a legitimate company.

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