Expect expensive tickets for Cavs playoff games

Expect expensive tickets for Cavs playoff games


have missed the playoffs in the last four seasons, but they are back in now. Demand for tickets at The Q will be sky high, especially because the Cavs have a legitimate shot at winning an NBA title this year.

LeBron James is back leading his team to the playoff promised land.

"Really excited. I love LeBron James. He's my dude," said Jesse Kleinhenz.

But if you're not a season ticket holder, you might need divine intervention to actually get a ticket to see a post-season game -- that or plenty of cash.

"I can't see a playoff ticket for any game of any round getting priced at under $100 a ticket," said Mark Klang with Amazing Tickets.

There will be a limited number of tickets available for the Cavaliers playoff games. How much would you be willing to spend to get one?

"Big money!" said Morgan Cugavic. "For me, I think $100."

"Front row, I'd pay about $200. If I could sit at the floor," said Linell Parries.

"Like $120," said Kleinhenz.

The Cavs are hot right now and some playoff tickets online are going for $500-$800. But again, around $100 should get you into the building.

"That works. I can look down. You have a better angle anyway. You can see the top. No one's in front of you. You're good," said Cugavic.

One thing that's just about guaranteed for the post-season: The further the Cavs go, the higher the prices will be.

Ticket availability will depend on how each round of the playoffs unfolds. The Cavs have launched "Playoff Access" for fans to register. If you registered for regular season tickets, you're automatically entered. It's first-come, first-serve. You will get an e-mail with confirmation if you are eligible to buy tickets. 

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