Obstacle course offers challenging options

Obstacle course offers challenging options

If you want begin training for an adventure race in Cleveland, there is one gym that offers you a challenge like no other.

"This is the place to go. We have 80 acres of training here. We have these training grounds that nobody else has," said Kyle Amsdell, owner of Euphoria Health & Fitness gym.

Amsdell is a seasoned competitor and began participating in adventure races and Ironman challenges as a way to expand his exercise regiment.

He says Euphoria is the only gym in the area that offers this type of obstacle course.

The course is one mile long and takes the average person about 24 minutes to finish.

Jeremy Hinte works as a personal trainer at Euphoria. He designed the course that will have 20 obstacles by this spring.

"The obstacle course and the adventure race are the big thing coming up the Cleveland area doesn't have one, the nearest area is a couple hours away but the demand is definitely on," said Hinte.

All this hard, dirty work has benefits according to the gym's members.

"It makes you use different muscles, and by doing the different  activities, you're doing things that your body doesn't do on a regular basis," said Ed Hainrihar who has been going to Euphoria for three years.

"You do have to be a little crazy in the head to get out there, but it's also a fun way especially if you have a good group of people," said Hinte.

Amsdell says all types of daring people have been brave enough to tough it out on the course.

"Whether you're a soccer mom, triathlete or just someone who wants to get in shape this is a great way to do it," said Amsdell.

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