Hit and run suspect also drives disabled students

Hit and run suspect also drives disabled students

SHEFFIELD LAKE, OH (WOIO) - An employee of t

drives a van for

is charged with drunk driving while off duty.

She's accused of causing an accident then driving away.

"Right here is where her mirror hit my window. And you can just see where she swiped across the car," said 17-year-old Destiny Oberg.

Oberg was the passenger in her boyfriend's car when they were sideswiped last month on Abbe Road by a Jeep.

It happened around 7:30 p.m.

"She was all over the road swerving and almost hitting mailboxes and everything," says Oberg.

After colliding with the couple, the driver kept going so Destiny and her boyfriend called 911 and followed the Jeep to a home in Sheffield Village.

That's when police showed up and gave Rose Meness-Seiler a sobriety test that was caught on cell phone video.

The police report says Meness-Seiler blew a .255, more than three times the legal limit.

Meness-Seiler is a van driver for disabled students in the Sheffield Lake School District, a position she has now resigned even though this incident happened off duty. She's also a lunch lady.

No one answered when we knocked at Rose's address, but a man came out ten minutes later, not happy that we were there.

"Can you tell us why Rose was drunk drove off from that accident?" asked 19 Action News reporter Dan DeRoos from the driveway.

"No," the man said as he turned to go back into the house.

Destiny and her friends have decided to use their close call to start a chapter of SADD (Students Against Drunk Driving) at Brookside High School.

"I feel like because she didn't care and everything, and I just feel like more students should get aware of stuff like this, because drinking and driving happens often. And prom is coming up in May so I feel like we all should get involved," Oberg says.

District officials confirm to DeRoos that there was a previous incident when Rose was escorted off campus by police under the suspicion that she was intoxicated.

According to union rules, she was given alcohol screening. She passed and was allowed to keep her job.

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