New push to eliminate Chief Wahoo as Indians mascot

New push to eliminate Chief Wahoo as Indians mascot

On this first Indians game of the season, some are talking about the team, while others are talking about getting rid of Chief Wahoo for good. Every year a group protests outside Progressive Field. Now the protests are growing.

The Cleveland Indians home opener is at Progressive Field on Friday afternoon. Fans will be flocking to the ballpark and there will be a protest as usual. 

It's become an annual tradition. Fans heading to the home opener are greeted by protests over the team's use of the Chief Wahoo logo, which some groups consider racist and offensive. 

"I would like to see the name and logo changed. Both have to go," said Philip Yenyo with the American Indian Movement.

One group trying to get the logo banned attended the Cleveland City Council meeting on Monday night.

"We don't come from India. We're not Indians. Second of all, the logo must go. It's your standard stereotyping of a group of people and it's been going on for far too long in this city," said Yenyo.

"The tide is turning," said Zack Reed.

Councilman Reed continues to speak out calling for the Cleveland Indians to make a change. He says the there should be a timetable set to get rid of Wahoo.

"The Indians are going to continue to feel the pressure. Those individuals want to continue to have that Wahoo are going to continue to feel the pressure until they realize that it's bad. It's not a good reflection of the city of Cleveland," explained Reed.

If you're going to the home opener Friday, you can expect to see a group of demonstrators opposed to Chief Wahoo outside of the ballpark.

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