Ohio Highway Patrol recruiting women

Ohio Highway Patrol recruiting women

NORTHEAST OHIO (WOIO) - Of the more than 1,500 troopers that make up the

, less than 10 percent are women. As part of the agency's annual recruitment process, they are working to get more women to wear that iconic hat.

Each month the Ohio State Highway Patrol loses five troopers to retirement. The agency hopes to fill some of those positions with females.

"We're always looking to have our numbers fall in line with what the numbers are in the state of Ohio. We always want to mirror our public," said Sgt. Alan Dunbar.

Lieutenant Amy Ivy is one of only 133 females serving with OSP. She says more women are necessary to maintain a balance during responses.

"If it's an initial stop from a male counterpart, and a female counterpart can roll up and maybe de-escalate because they're dealing with another female, or vise versa. You need that balance at the post levels," said Ivy.

To drum up more applicants and enroll more women in the academy, OSP is conducting a recruiting seminar specifically for women.

"Maybe talk about the training environment, physical fitness requirements," said Ivy.

Lt. Ivy is a working wife and mother, and says the agency allows for a good work-life balance.

"You can go to work and have your career, then go home, take the hat off, take the uniform off and go to practice and keep score at the baseball games," she said.

Sgt. Dunbar says OSP is looking for the best of the best, as many as will apply, both men and women.

"The perfect candidate is someone who has the passion and the love to help others and want to protect the great state of Ohio," he said.

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