Report: Cleveland is the most miserable sports city

Report: Cleveland is the most miserable sports city

Who has the best sports fans in the world? Cleveland, right? According to an article in

, the most miserable sports city is Cleveland.

You know the story, Cleveland hasn't celebrated a sports championship since 1964. That hasn't stop the Cleveland fans from rooting on their teams and one day the curse will be lifted.

Some things pointed out in the article were Red Right 88, The Drive and The Fumble with the Browns. The Shot and The Decision with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But, LeBron James did return and has the team in the playoffs and chasing a championship.

So what do you think about this report about Cleveland sports misery? Do you agree with the report? Tell us #19CLEfans

Here are the other cities topping the list?

1. Cleveland

2. Toronto

3. New York City (Mets-Jets-Islanders)

4. Houston

5. Minneapolis

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