Cleveland students becoming future farmers

Cleveland students becoming future farmers
De'viance Colbert is looking into horticulture career possibilities. (Source: WOIO)
De'viance Colbert is looking into horticulture career possibilities. (Source: WOIO)

Some future farmers may be coming out of the Cleveland school district, where students have a new opportunity to grow.


, a group of green-thumbed students now have the chance to learn all there is to know about agriculture as members of the newest chapter of the


Zane Fessler, who teaches horticulture at Washington Park, says the students learn about much more than just plants.

"It's an organization for students that involves them with agricultural throughout the nation," said Fessler. "They learn a lot about community service, public speaking, and how meetings are run."

Although Washington Park has a history of teaching agriculture, students stopped entering competitions back in the 1980s. Now that focus is blooming again.

The students have participated in several competitions around the state. They say they are enjoying the enriching experience that allows a more hands-on educational approach. 

"I love it! I love it so much! It's just for me," said Ariana Carter, a ninth grader interested in veterinary studies.

Students say their involvement in the Future Farmers of America is helping them think about their careers.

"I want to own my landscaping business," said ninth grader Freshona Mays.

"I want to be a florist, but I'm looking into other things in horticulture. I want to teach at a university," said ninth grader De'viance Colbert.

The students are preparing to have their third plant sale of the year in May. For more information on how you can support the sale, e-mail Zane Fessler at

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