DDIW: QMAXX Gun Cleaner

DDIW: QMAXX Gun Cleaner

With more than 110,000 concealed carry gun licenses in Ohio, at some point those guns are going to need a tune up. A line of products from QMAXX is designed to give them a clean shot and remove rust from other metals. But you asked Danielle, does it work?

The testimonial for QMAXX Blu Gun Cleaner and Lubricant is pretty convincing. Two guns that were lost in the 1960s were recently found and in bad shape.

But half an hour after being soaked in the solution, the change was noticeable.

"The gun works, the trigger works, the firing works," said a QMAXX spokesperson.

Joe Ford said his gun goes through some wear and tear.

"I have a gun with me on the farm every day," said Ford. "We always carry a .22 in case we come up on something."

Ford uses a cleaning product and a separate oil to lubricate his gun. He hopes the QMAXX product will do it all in one.

Ford sprayed and swiped the gun. He cleaned out the barrel with a brass brush and pushed the cloth through again.

"That did clean it extra, maybe more so than WD40," said Ford.

He wiped it down and said he was impressed.

"It looks really good, it's real clean, the only thing I'd be concerned about is that it says it lubricates but it looks so dry, that it makes you wonder," said Ford.

Next he tried out the industrial strength rust solvent.

"It says it removes surface rust, penetrates and frees rust parts, it prevents rust and corrosion buildup, and it's excellent chain lube," said Ford.

Ford put it to the test on a bolt.

"If this does what it says it's going to do, it says an extreme penetration of rust solvent," said Ford.

Ford got his air gun and was able to get the bolt loose.

"This did show some dissolving of the rust but it's still really locked tight, a mechanic wants it to really work quickly," said Ford.

"I don't see this product being any better than any other product," said Ford.

The directions say you may have to soak some of the rusted items in the solution overnight. But that doesn't coincide with what Ford needs.

So it seems the Gun Cleaner and Lubricant hits the mark, but the Rust Solvent may not solve your needs.

A 7 and 1/4 ounce bottle of the Blu Gun Cleaner and Lubricant costs $16.

The Rust Solvent will run you about $13.

We called the company to comment on the results of that product and have not yet heard back.

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