FBI crime stats rank Cleveland fifth most dangerous city

FBI crime stats rank Cleveland fifth most dangerous city

The most recent FBI crime statistics list Cleveland as the 5th most dangerous city in America.

"This is a tale of two cities. One is downtown that we love. We love it, but the other tale of the city is, the community is going down, down, down and crime is going up, up, up. There is no way, Scott Taylor, our city should be ranked at number five in the country with crime. It's a shame," said community activist Art McKoy.

McKoy, with the group Black on Black Crime, believes City Hall has forgotten about neighborhoods. He believes this summer could be a blood bath.

Officials at City Hall believe new FBI numbers due out later this year should improve Cleveland's status.

"We have taken it on the chin in a few areas and rightfully so. When we see there is a flaw and there is an issue at hand, we need to address it and I think we do a very good job of that," said Dan Williams, spokesman for Mayor Frank Jackson.

The Cleveland Police Union has one possible answer to lower neighborhood crime: Get officers back working a beat.

"We actually have introduced some ideas to get us back in schools and back in neighborhoods but you can't do that if you are doing run to
run to run," said Union president Steve Loomis.

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