Recipe: Lobster Nachos

Cleveland Cooks: Lobster Nachos



Avocado mash 1 oz 2 ea...quenelle shaped

Fried wontons 16 ea triangles

Lobster meat 2 oz broken into 1/2" chunks

Lobster sauce 4 oz warmed in a pan, adjust if nec.

Queso cotija 1.5 TBSP

Lemon aioli 1/2 oz tubed

Flat leaf parsley leaves 5 ea

Pickled red chili 5 ea thinly sliced on a bias


1. Form the avocado mash into 2 quenelle shapes and set towards the edge of a LARGE plate

2. Spread out the crispy wontons so they cover the plate, leave an inch around the edge

3. Warm the lob cream sauce with lobster meat in a pan until it is simmering then stir in cheese and plate immediately

4. Drizzle the nachos with lemon aioli then sprinkle parsley leaves and chilies over to finish