Smart phones tracking your every move

Smart phones tracking your every move

(WOIO) - I've told you before how marketers can track you on your cell phone. Some people like it for getting deals while they're out shopping. But now smart phones are collecting detailed info that may put your safety at risk.

Your smart phone can track your every move and you may not even know it. Hidden deep in your phone's settings is a tracker that records your every move. It has a history of every place you've been, how often you've been there, when you were there, and for how long.

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, the feature helps your device and third party apps, like any maps you might use on your phone, to use information from cellular, WiFi, and GPS to determine your location.

While many people know their phone tracked them somehow, they had no idea their phone actually tracks their every move.

Once your phone has this information, what can be done about it?

"All of this information about who you are, where you go, what locations you frequent, those are being sold to advertising firms, large corporations that might be interested in your personal data," explained attorney Rob Sanders.

We've already seen several high-profile hackings of major retailers' data recently.

The chief technology officer for the CIA admits your cell phone data is extremely vulnerable. So, imagine if hackers got their hands on your frequent locations.

"If somebody wants to harm you they can stake out your place of business or anywhere you frequent," said Sanders.

Even if hackers don't access your info, if you have a company phone and take a long lunch or even call in sick but head to the driving range instead, it would be very easy to access that information.

You can trust that your phone is tracking you. So, if it's information you don't want others to know, a swipe of your finger can keep others from having a finger on your every move.

How to turn this feature off:

-Go to settings


-Location services

-System services

-Frequent locations

There you can find every place you've been in detail. To turn it off, slide it to "off."

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