Man arrested for posing as construction worker

Man arrested for posing as construction worker

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - On Friday around 3:30 p.m., a restaurant patron approached plain clothes Mentor police officers near 306 Tyler Blvd. about a construction worker asking people for rides.

Officers recognized this "construction worker" as 48-year-old Calvin Honey, of Cleveland. Mentor Police say Honey has done this before in their city, along with several others. Police say Honey has a lengthy criminal history.

When Honey approached a car on Tyler, officers detained him. He was cited for open container and begging.

Honey was previously warned not to operate this scam in Mentor after approaching a detective in an unmarked car.

According to police, Honey was wearing full construction gear, including hard hat, safety glasses, reflective vest, yellow rubber cement boots and a dust mask. He also had broken pruning shears in his hand.

Police say Honey is not employed but claims to be with a local construction company.

Mentor Police want to remind everyone to think twice before giving a stranger a ride or money. Individuals should be mindful of who they choose to help, because safety should be the number one concern.

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