Precious items from family's storage unit sold for $25

Precious items from family's storage unit sold for $25

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Paul Lewis is disgusted and frustrated over what's happened to his most treasured possessions.

When he went to his unit at the

location on Brittain Road in Akron last week to retrieve some paperwork stored there, he discovered the facility had sold all of the contents back in February.

"Stuff that was only precious to me and my family, our most precious valuables, auctioned for $25 dollars, not even the alleged amount owed," Lewis said.

Baby pictures of his three children, his wife's doll collection and important documents are all gone.

The company claimed he owed $300 in late fees.

"I said when I come back here with proof that you guys cashed all my checks on all these dates, how is your company, Public Storage, going to make this right by me, the paying customer? She basically rolled her eyes at me, looked at the computer and said 'your stuff's gone, sir' with a smile on her face," said Lewis about his encounter at the facility in question.

Lewis admits he was late on one payment, but also provided the paperwork that he says shows he rectified that.

He suspects a clerical error lead to the auctioning off of his keepsakes and collectibles.

"They cashed two of my checks after they sold my belongings," he said.

The company locks customers out if they owe money past 14 days, according to Lewis, who says he was there shortly before his stuff was sold and had no problem getting in.

When we visited Public Storage, they handed us a phone number to their corporate office who did not return our call.

If we do get a response from the company, we'll be sure to update the story.

Public Storage is not an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau, and they have an "F" rating.

More than 600 complaints have been filed against Public Storage nationwide, nearly 400 about service, and hundreds of complaints were not addressed at all.

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