Business down after building facade collapse

Business down after building facade collapse

When the façade of what used to be the National City Bank building came crashing down, people who work along East 6th Street heard the impact, and felt it too.

"I felt a shake, a small little earthquake, it felt like," said Dan Szymanski, a manager for Guy's Pizza, located at the corner of East 6th and Superior.

"I can't imagine getting hit by one of them," said Tyrone Wagner, also a manager for Guy's Pizza.

Szymanski and Wagner are still feeling the aftershock in their wallets. They rely on tips. Business is slower with this part of East 6th closed off to traffic.

"Hurts my pocket, hurts everybody's pocket down here," added Szymanski.

Leah Struchen Deans of the Tabu Coffee Company says her business was down by more than half.

"Today, people either didn't know we were open or couldn't get here. It's been pretty slow, pretty terrible," said Struchen Deans.

At Sam Klein Cigar Company, the usual hustle and bustle of a weekday afternoon was diminished to an occasional customer.

"Sure, it's going to affect small business. (the owner) here - he needs this store open," said Robert Rotatori, an attorney who works in the same building.

The Sam Klein Cigar Company is open, but other businesses like Tea House Noodles and Dave's Cosmic Subs had to be closed because pedestrians weren't allowed to walk on the sidewalk, so they couldn't access the business' front doors.

Porcelli's Bistro put out a sign that read "open" but their regulars who work in the building seemed to already know: business is still slower than usual.

"As far as street and reservations yeah, probably, but for the most part, no, we have our regulars here," said Clarence Jackson, a chef at Porcelli's.

The city hasn't given any of the business owners or workers a specific date on when the road will be open again.

"I asked this morning, and they said they had no timetable that they knew of yet.  So, one day is not a huge loss. If this goes on for more than a couple, I'm going to be in trouble," added Struchen Deans.

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