Shocking $43 million tax bill blamed on glitch

Shocking $43 million tax bill blamed on glitch

Just days away from tax day, a woman received a notice from the

saying she owes $43 million.

Joyce Buckland said she logged into her computer to pay her taxes and thought her eyes were playing tricks.

"I had a little bit of back taxes, a small amount. And I went in to do this payment and my statement said that I owed over $43 million," said Buckland.

The IRS statement showed the total amount owed was $43,547,212.73 to be exact. The service fee alone was just shy of $1 million.

"That's insane. I have never seen that much money in all of my life. All my friends together and I couldn't possibly come up with something like that," Buckland said.

The adjunct history professor says she laughed and refreshed her screen, but the multi-million dollar bill did not budge.

"I know there had to be obviously some kind of crazy something going on. Because I mean who owes that kind of taxes? I bet Donald Trump doesn't even pay that much money, you know?"

Buckland called the IRS only to be told it was likely a computer glitch that should rectify itself once she made her standard payment.

"I was a little leery to do that. I don't want to acknowledge a debt. It's not mine," she said.

Buckland is still waiting and says her next step is to visit the IRS in person.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would owe $43 million to anybody. Ever," she said.

According to the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights, you should write or call the IRS if you think there is an error on your bill. Provide copies of all records, and if you are correct, they will adjust your account.

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