DDIW: Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer

DDIW: Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer

(WOIO) - I have another product designed to help you lose weight and build muscle in just minutes a day. It's called the

, but you ask, Danielle, Does It Work?

I've tested a number of diets and they always start the same way: the dreaded scale.

My next attempt to get those numbers down is with something called the Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer. It's a truly unique way to burn calories and tighten your body without impact.

"When you work out, everything is forward: bikes, treadmills, running. But when you actually play the game, you go from left to right," explains inventor John Scimone.

Which is exactly how this machine gets you into shape.

Scimone, an Ohio native who loves skiing, designed the machine so he could keep up with his younger friends.

"They were like, 'Oh my God, John! You're like you're 25 again!' They accused me of doping," he said.

But you ask...does it work?

"Body builders are not going to like this machine because of the aerobic aspect of it. So it's more of a weight loss, heart rate toning thing," according to Scimone.

The machine is easy to set up, and easy to put away in case you have company. It's also adjustable to your strength level.

"There are six springs designed to be taken off in pairs depending on your size and your ability and how you want to work out," says Scimone.

There are several exercises to target different areas. Lean forward, you'll hit your quads. Lean back and you'll work the back of your thighs. Take your hands off the bars and you will activate your core.

It took a couple of minutes to gain my balance, but I didn't fall off.

Now here's the kicker, if you don't like it:

Scimone says, "Put it back in the box. Ship it back to me no charge."

Scimone says in a couple of weeks I'll have thighs of steel.

So in addition to weighing myself, my intern Tawana took my measurements.

I promise to stick to the routine and bring you the results after 30 days.

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