East Cleveland reaching critical level with fire equipment failure

East Cleveland reaching critical level with fire equipment failure

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ten people escaped the flames from an overnight fire in East Cleveland, a city that is dealing with an equipment crisis.

Only one of the city's fire trucks is partially working.

Crews relied on mutual aid from the

to battle the blaze on Phillips Avenue and Bender Avenue.

Cleveland crews responded to the scene with seven pumper trucks, five hook and ladders, a rescue squad and a command vehicle.

"We don't think about that, we think about life. We don't think about cost, we don't think about anything like that, we think about saving lives," said Lt. Larry Gray with the Cleveland Fire Department.

Two homes burned. No one was hurt.

East Cleveland and Cleveland have a mutual aid agreement, so Cleveland Fire most likely would have helped out with last night's fire.

But East Cleveland can't lean on Cleveland forever.

"It does warrant a meeting to look at things that need to be revamped or maybe re-discussed, and we will probably sit down with them and other cities in the not too distant future," said Lt. Gray.

East Cleveland sent one engine to last night's fire, but for about twelve hours Wednesday they were without any working fire protection.

"We try to do the best we can. Right now we've not even hit the bottom of the barrell, I think the barrell gave out," said Captain Robert Benjamin with the East Cleveland Fire Department.

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