All In! Cavs have the tools to make a title run

All In! Cavs have the tools to make a title run

So the playoffs are


upon us. Something we've waited for since July 11th, when LeBron announced, via Sports Illustrated, that he was coming home. It's ironic that the Boston Celtics are up first. They're the last team LeBron and the Cavaliers saw in the playoffs, back in 2010, and while that obviously ended poorly (remember LeBron ripping off his Cavs jersey on the way to the locker room?), it's role reversal this time. This time the Cavaliers boast the Big 3. Or 4. Or 5. In fact, there may even be a bench player or two you'd take before one of the Celtics' starters.

But the goal isn't simply four wins against the Boston Celtics. The goal is

16 wins

, and an NBA Title, and it's a realistic goal. Vegas oddsmakers have the Cavaliers sharing the role of favorite with the Golden State Warriors. Personally, I'd love to see that scenario play out. The Cavaliers match up well with the Warriors. They split the season series with them, but were without LeBron in the game they lost, in Oakland in early January, and when they played again, six weeks later at the "Q", he dropped 42 on them (after which Magic Johnson tweeted that the Cavaliers would 'definitely' be in the NBA Finals). The Cavs are bigger and more physical than the Warriors. As talented as Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are, the Spurs scare me more.

The Cavs looked great against the best of the West this season, but first, they have to get through the East. There will be challenges, including the Atlanta Hawks and their tremendous guards, but if the Cavaliers are playing their game, and sharing the wealth, they should be playing in June.

Which, really, is about the only thing that can top last July.

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