Mentor student charged in altercation with resource officer in court

Mentor student charged in altercation with resource officer in court

MENTOR, OH (WOIO) - The Mentor High School student arrested after a scuffle with a school resource officer appeared in court Friday.

James Craft had a hearing in

in front of Judge Karen Lawson on unrelated charges.

Craft was charged with endangering health and morals after his mother reported him for leaving their home at night. Then he violated his probation by not listening to his mother. She told the 16-year-old to clean his room on Feb. 27, but he went to his friend's house to play video games instead.

Alicia Craft says she is trying to keep her son out of trouble.

"I know the vape pen was illegal, but I'm still pissed off about the fact my son was pushed and knocked on the ground. That's all that matters to me," she said.

In court, prosecutors said he does not report to class at


"Your behavior, James, is going to directly reflect what I do when the new charges come," said Judge Lawson.

Lawson ordered Craft to wear a GPS monitor until further notice. He also has to report to three weekend academic classes at juvenile court.

Craft still has to face disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and tobacco violation charges from this week's confrontation with a school resource officer over an e-cigarette. When he refused to hand it over to officials, he was arrested. Caught on video, the incident went viral.

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