Name That Scam: Crooks coming through your inbox

Name That Scam: Crooks coming through your inbox

The contents of your inbox are the subject of this week's Name That Scam.

Tech experts are warning

computer users about an email claiming they've ordered a navigation system. The email says if you didn't make the purchase, you should click a link for a cancellation form. If you click, you're giving cyber crooks your private information.

Never click links in emails, always contact the company directly. If you see this or something similar report it to Apple.

Here's another email that should go to your delete box. It claims that you have requested to have your Yahoo account terminated. It is not from Yahoo. This is another attempt by cyber criminals to steal your personal information. If you think there is a problem contact Yahoo.

Click here to report fake emails like this to the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

Finally, Gmail users, the Better Business Bureau says thieves are also after you. Crooks are sending fake emails with a note saying you have deferred your email.

Keep in mind, the messages can vary. But once again, these scammers hope you'll click a malicious link. If you do it will install a virus on your computer.

As a rule of thumb, even if it looks legitimate, always, contact the company directly if you think there is a problem.

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