Cavs average playoff tickets $247

Cavs average playoff tickets $247

A new report says the

have the eighth highest ticket costs of the remaining 16 teams in the NBA playoffs.

According to

, the average price for a Cavs playoff ticket is $247.

Fans enjoying a Friday night on East 4th Street were a little surprised by the prices.

"$247? That's ridiculous," said Darlene Weyer.

"That's a little strong, a little strong," said Cody Granneman.

"Whoa," said Chris Kendricks.

When big events are happening at the Q, parking prices can go from $20 to as high as $50. Throw in a bite to eat and maybe a few drinks before the game and the cost starts to add up. Total costs are even higher if you're buying food and souvenirs inside.

Some fans just aren't planning to pay the big bucks.

"The highest I would pay myself would be $50. But if a man wants to take me out, break his bank," Weyer said with a smile.

Murray Dronzek says he'll watch the game at home.

"Not for $250. I like my couch," Dronzek said. "The beers are cheaper. I don't have to wait in line for the bathroom."

But other fans said they would shell out big bucks for a chance to see a game in the Cavs


"I wouldn't do it in the first round. We're going to smoke Boston. You get in the Eastern Conference Finals, I'd pay it," said Granneman.

Kendricks first said he would spend as much as $350 to see a Cavs playoff game. A moment later, he said he'd consider paying $500. Then he finally said, "depends on where I'm sitting. Maybe $1000."

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