Music, celebrities keep Cleveland in the spotlight

Music, celebrities keep Cleveland in the spotlight
Tommy James and the Shondells (Source: WOIO)
Tommy James and the Shondells (Source: WOIO)

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was front and center Friday night, complete with a red carpet ready to greet some of music's biggest stars.

The city has changed in the three years since the party was here and visitors are impressed with what they're seeing.

19 Action News crews spotted a few celebrities out at the Rock Hall Friday night, and you can be sure music fans are taking away a trip to remember.

Celebrities like Jimmie Vaughan, Alice Cooper and Darlene Love are taking over the red carpet.

"It's such a big event, the red carpet, seeing the setup, it's surreal," said Ashlyn Markovitch of San Antonio.

And there is a lot more of the city to see than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"A lot of nice stuff down here, sculptures, old buildings, things like that," said Mike Markovitch.

Lisa and Larry Williams are visiting from Phoenix.

"People are really nice and warm. The weather's great, coming from Phoenix it's really hot," said Lisa Williams.

"Beautiful, beautiful city. Especially flying in, oh man!" said Larry Williams.

Hyun-Jin Cho flew halfway around the world from South Korea to be at Saturday's induction.

He's hosting a documentary about American blues and rock and roll.

His impression of the city before his visit wasn't great.

"When you say 'Cleveland' you come up with this industry-driven image," Cho said.

But after visiting, he says it's a complete 180.

"Being here it's such a clean city, with such rich cultural assets," he said. 

Cho thinks more tourists would love Cleveland if they gave it a chance.

And all of this attention, music and celebrity love will only help keep the city on the national stage. 

"It's very nice, very, very nice," said Lisa Williams.

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