City: No changes to tailgating at Muni Lot

City: No changes to tailgating at Muni Lot

The city has implemented new parking rules at the Muni Lot in downtown Cleveland, but you won't be able to tailgate any earlier.

On April 13, Cleveland City Council passed legislation to raise parking fees at all city-owned meters, lots and garages, as well as open the Muni Lot for overnight parking.

The legislation authorizes the director of

and commissioner of

to "enter into agreements with the sponsors of events that wish to reserve specific parking spaces in the Willard Park Garage, or the North Coast Municipal Parking Lot that provide for the payment by the sponsor of up to thirty dollars ($30.00) per parking space."

According to the city of Cleveland, this portion of the legislation is intended to allow large vehicles, such as trailers, trucks, and RVs, to utilize the Municipal Parking Lot overnight when transporting large groups of people or equipment to various events downtown. The legislation is not designed to create an overnight camping area for tailgaters of sporting events.

The city says it has no intention of allowing tailgating overnight in the Muni Lot. Security will be in place the night before home games to ensure these rules are followed.

Tailgating hours, rules, and regulations will be announced late summer.

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