Cavs Fan Fest kicks off Game 2 in playoff series

Cavs Fan Fest kicks off Game 2 in playoff series

In less than 24 hours, the

will be back on the court and Fan Fest will be hopping downtown outside


And businesses right in the middle of it all are ready to cash in.

The NBA playoffs are good for business.

Bars and restaurants hope the Cavs make it to the end and keep business booming.

"It's pretty crazy down here. I actually live right upstairs and you can hear the crowd cheering down East 4th. The bars are a lot busier," said Cavs fan Kati Keenan.

Keenan lives in the middle of all the action. But it wasn't always this busy.

"We'd walk out on the weekends and there'd be no one down here. And now's it's crazy, there's always something to do downtown," she said.

Fan Fest is set up and almost ready to go for Tuesday night, rain or shine.

And CLE Clothing Co. hopes those fans will take some time to stop by.

"We got our first taste of it yesterday for our first playoff game," said Kayla Frisco.

Cleveland pride is written all over the store. And they can't keep enough Cavs shirts around.
"It's been a lot of fun. And to see the city grow and things get better, it's great," Frisco said.

At Flannery's Pub down the street, playoffs mean big business.

"Business is jumping, it's good for us. Ever since LeBron came back, it's been a really good season for us," said manager Patrick Scullen.

He says the excitement is contagious.

"People are coming out, they want to drink good beer, eat good food before going to the game," he said.

But it's not all about business. At the end of the season, it comes down to one dream.

"The hopes? Championship. That's all we can hope for, always," Scullen said.

The Cavs Fan Fest is free and opens two-and-a-half hours before the game on East 6th Street and Gateway Plaza.
There will be two giant TV screens out there for a watch party too.
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