Rescued pups have long road to recovery

Rescued pups have long road to recovery
Rescued Shih Tzu (after) (Source: Cleveland APL)
Rescued Shih Tzu (after) (Source: Cleveland APL)

They're on the road to recovery, but that road comes at a price. Thousands of dollars have already been spent to help save more than 30 Shih Tzus rescued from deplorable conditions at a Parma Heights home last week.

"Now we have additional blood work and medical treatment. Some of them have dry eye and have needed some work on their ears, so all those costs are additive," says APL's Sharon Harvey.

The 24 adults and nine puppies are being temporarily housed inside what is normally used as a meeting room at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

The staff is working overtime to keep up with caring for the dogs along with the other animals at the shelter. The Shih Tzus hair was so matted it weighed two to four pounds alone.

Many of the dogs had to be sedated just to be groomed.

"Our veterinary team and animal care team are still accessing things. So a few of them may go up for adoption by the end of the week and
others may take a little bit longer to address their medical issues," explains Harvey.

And for those looking to adopt these pets, the APL says they must be prepared because the dogs were never house trained. They lived in their own feces before they were saved.

"I would have suspected there would have been some deaths if this had continued any longer," says Harvey.

As for the case against the breeder, officials tell us animal neglect or cruelty charges could be filed as soon as the end of the week.

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