Quiet neighborhood on edge after thieves strike a dozen times

Quiet neighborhood on edge after thieves strike a dozen times

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - Strongsville Police say it was a victim's own garage door opener that allowed thieves to gain access to their home along Lake Forest Drive. That break-in was just one of more than a dozen that happened in the Schneider Reserve and Huntington Park neighborhoods.

Most of the cases involved cars that thieves were able to get into because the doors were left unlocked. Mostly loose change was stolen.
Bill Zahniser didn't know it happened to him until the police came knocking on his door.

"Our son is a police officer, and the first thought we had was something had happened with our son, and of course, he assured us that it wasn't, that there was a break-in," said Zahniser.

Turns out someone had helped themselves to the change in Zahniser's car. 

"Nothing was broken or destroyed. One of the amazing things is in the change drawer. I also had a rosary, and amazingly, it was there," added Zahniser.

Then the thieves moved on to the next neighbor.

Gene Poldruha noticed something weird about his deck box. The thieves didn't end up taking anything from the outdoor storage piece that contained mainly cushions for lawn furniture.

"I said, 'How did that get open?' The wind wouldn't have opened it," said Poldruha.

In this quiet, suburban neighborhood, homeowners say they now feel scared in their own homes for the first time, and mad.   

"They asked me if I would prosecute, and I said I would love to," said Zahniser.

Charen Kaul's daughter was also a victim. Everything in her car was turned upside down. Nothing taken, but a feeling of security was stolen.

"Now we have to be careful and lock the door all the time. It's so scary," said Kaul.
So far, there have been no arrests. Anyone with more information can contact Strongsville Police at (440) 238-7373.

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