Guest Editorial: Cleveland Clinic Minority Men's Health Fair

Guest Editorial: Cleveland Clinic Minority Men's Health Fair

I'm Dr. Charles Modlin, kidney transplant surgeon, urologist and founder and director of

Cleveland Clinic's Minority Men's Health Center


Did you know that African-American males develop and die from prostate cancer twice as often as white men and have higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and other serious medical conditions and shorter life expectancies than the majority of the population? Hispanic men and other minority males also suffer from higher rates of serious health disparities.

But, through preventive health screenings for the early detection and treatment of these life-threatening medical conditions, we can see an end to the health disparities, which are devastating men of color.

So men, all men, minority men and non-minority men, I encourage each of you to attend a variety of free health screenings in medical health examinations at our 13th Annual Cleveland Clinic Minority Men's Health Fair located at Cleveland Clinic's main campus, at 96th Street and Euclid Avenue on Thursday, April 30 from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. The health fair could help save your life. Free parking and onsite registration is available or call 216-445-7550 or visit

for information. See you there.

Thank you.

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