Oberlin College to implement smoking ban next year

Oberlin College to implement smoking ban next year

OBERLIN, OH (WOIO) - Next summer, Oberlin College will join a growing list of schools going smoke free.

Beginning July 1, 2016, Oberlin College expects to implement a policy in which smoking and use of tobacco products is prohibited by students, staff, faculty, or visitors.

This includes:

• In all campus buildings, facilities or property owned, leased or operated by Oberlin College including outside areas;

• On campus grounds, facilities or vehicles that are the property of Oberlin College;

• At lectures, conferences, meetings, athletic events, and social/cultural events held on college property or campus grounds;

• On campus grounds and in campus facilities being used for private events.

Student organizations are prohibited from accepting money or gifts from tobacco companies.

This includes:

• Parties sponsored by tobacco companies or allowing tobacco companies to distribute free, reduced-price or fully-priced tobacco products (T-shirts, hats, etc.) on campus;

• All tobacco advertising, such as billboards and signs owned by Oberlin College.

Tobacco advertisements are prohibited in college-run publications and on grounds or facilities, including athletic facilities, owned or used by Oberlin College.

According to the college, tobacco is defined to include any lighted or unlighted cigarette, cigar, pipe, hookah, bidi, clove cigarette, or any other smoking product. Also being discussed are forms of smokeless or spit tobacco.

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