DDIW: Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer test results

DDIW: Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer test results

A new exercise machine created by a local man is designed to build muscles and burn calories in 15 minutes a day.

You asked Danielle, Does It Work? So we put it to the test.

The Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer is a unique exercise machine designed to strengthen your muscles and burn calories in a very different way than traditional cardio machines.

"When you work out, everything is forward bikes, treadmills, running. But when you actually play the game you go from left to right," says inventor John Scimone.

As an avid skier, John wanted something that helped him train to hit the slopes with his younger friends. He came up with a prototype that he designed in his home.

"I basically made this machine out of duct tape, toilet paper rolls, pencils, and cardboard," says John.

The machine targets your hamstrings, quadriceps and core.

"It's activating the core because it's forcing your upper body to stay centered and allowing the lower body to do all the work," he says.

John says if used every other day for only 15 minutes a day, the user will have legs of steel.

"What I love about this, is most of us typically do 45 minutes to an hour on some cardio machine and that doesn't include getting dressed, getting to the gym, stretching. With this thing, if I don't have time, I just jump on for 15 minutes and that's it," Danielle described.

What Danielle did not like was how easy it was to slack off.

"You gotta push yourself on this. On a treadmill, you're on a certain miles per hour and that's what you gotta do. This you know, if you start getting tired like I am now, you're going to go slower," Danielle noticed.

Danielle says her heart rate and number of calories burned were the same after time on the cross trainer and treadmill.

"I'm definitely winded, but I just have a hard time believing this is going to do as good as 45 minutes on a treadmill," Danielle said.

The end results showed Danielle lost three inches off her backside, two inches off her waist, and one-and-a-half inches off her legs.

Danielle says the Lateral Fitness Cross Trainer is a straight on success.

The machine costs about $700.

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