Cyber CSI tracks down internet crooks

Cyber CSI tracks down internet crooks

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - is a company that is right in our own backyard with a small army of cyber experts who work to crack cases of big time security breaches.

Hackers are constantly looking for ways to get personal information.

Jim Settecase didn't think it would happen to him.   

"At first you're like 'is this happening?' And then the thought sinks in that somebody got your information," said Settecase.

When Settecase tried to file his taxes he found out someone had stolen his social security number and already filed.

"I hit send, and it kicks up an error and says duplicate social security number. It says tax return containing this social security number has already been filed," added Settecase.

Settecase is one of thousands affected by the Anthem security breach that made national news.

Kerstyn Clover is a security analyst or cyber investigator for SecureState.  She is one of the people that companies like Anthem call when criminals are able to access your information.

She tries to get to the bottom of how the breach happened and who the crooks are.

"Any time you put a security measure in place, somebody else is going to try to break into it," said Clover.

How can you protect yourself, really?

"You can do things like talk to your bank or your credit card provider. Talk about signing up for notifications for all of your transactions," added Clover.

Sign up for any fraud protection offered by your credit card companies or bank.

Limit the information you give out about yourself.  
Never give out your social security number over the phone. 
Settecase got lucky and the crooks never got his return. But they still have his information. 

"The scary part is when will they strike again? What will they go after? They are looking for a quick payday. So will they sell it to another guy or will they sell it to a thousand guys?"

Clover says if you do fall victim to identity theft, contact your financial institutions immediately, and whether you have identity theft protection or not, always monitor the activity in your accounts.  

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