Cleveland Kennel searching for a few good homes for pups

Cleveland Kennel searching for a few good homes for pups
Dogs with heartworm need good homes (Source: WOIO)
Dogs with heartworm need good homes (Source: WOIO)

Time is running out for some shelter dogs who tested positive for


They look healthy on the outside, but five dogs at the City of Cleveland Kennel are suffering from heartworms and they need help fast.

They're getting pre-treatment and their 30 days are almost up. As it is, heartworms can be deadly for dogs, but now they're really fighting for their lives.

The Cleveland Kennel says they can't keep them much longer but didn't give us a specific reason why.

For weeks, no rescue organization has been able to take the dogs in. One of the dogs, Sprite, will be picked up by an organization on Friday, but the four others still need homes.

If Ed Jamison, chief animal control officer, can't find them help fast, they'll be put down.
"Hopefully, we don't get there. We just keep plugging away, and we've been very, very successful so far. That's our goal, keep trying," Jamison says.

Jamison says they're testing more dogs at the kennel for heartworm now, so more are coming up positive.
But he says they can still make great pets and they are safe to be around humans.
Other dogs are fine too as long as they've been given preventative medicine.
They just need a quiet place and a loving home.
"These guys are wonderful, wonderful dogs, they just need some help. We're really asking anyone who can help. You can do a wonderful thing here by helping these dogs," Jamison said.
If you want to foster one of these dogs, you can call the City of Cleveland Kennel at 216-664-3069 or email Ed Jamison.

The kennel will be hosting a heartworm clinic this Saturday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at 2690 West 7th Street in Cleveland.

Heartworm testing will cost $15 and they will also provide information on low-cost preventative medicines.

You can schedule an appointment in advance by calling Voices in the Dark Animal Rescue at 216-862-7815.

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