CPD foot patrols back in Second District

CPD foot patrols back in Second District

Officers in the

are getting to know their residents face to face, on foot. This spring, expect to see officers out of their cruisers and cruising the sidewalks.

Their officers are taking steps toward a safer community, bringing back foot patrol platoons.

On Friday, a pair worked along Clark Avenue near West 25th Street.

"We like to go in to the stores that we haven't been in and introduce ourselves to the managers or the owners. I'm sure they'd like to see some police presence walking around down here," said Patrolmen Kevin Smith.

"We're showing the store owners that we care by going inside and getting to know everyone better. We'll know the area a lot better walking around talking to people, just letting the public know we're out here," said Patrolman Kevin Navratil.

Officers Smith and Navratil say the reception from the neighborhood has been great.

"A lot of people are coming up to us telling us they're happy to see us walking around down here. It's been good," said Navratil.

Business owners, like Ramon Pagan, say this kind of police presence will help in deterring crime.

"It cleans up the neighborhood. There's all kinds of persons, good and bad, like everything else. Gotta look good," said Pagan. 

Earlier this week, other officers made their way around the side streets off West 73rd Street, north of Denison Avenue. The district will continue to send two teams daily. It's something residents say means a lot and will go a long way toward improving community and police relations.

"I think it'll make people think it's safe to walk out of their homes at night, go to grocery store late in the evening," said neighbor Dennis Waddell. 

If you live in the district and haven't seen them yet, be patient, the plan is to cover every block in the coming months.

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