Michelle Knight works to inspire other survivors

Michelle Knight works to inspire other survivors

It was nearly two years ago that three women were rescued from a house of horror on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland.

Now, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight are all remembering that day in very different ways.

Amanda and Gina are releasing a book, Michelle Knight is hosting an event.

Michelle sat down with 19 Action News reporter Bill Safos to talk about her healing process.

After spending eleven years chained and tortured in Ariel Castro's house, Michelle has spent the last two years not just recovering and making the journey from victim to survivor, but becoming a person who teaches others how to pick themselves up no matter how bad life gets.

Michelle works with others who have been through similar experiences.

"It gave me reason to keep moving on and doing what I'm doing," says Michelle.

To help others, she is putting together a fundraiser. It happens on May 6, the two-year anniversary of her escape.

"Why it's so special to me to actually do this event is to give back to the world that gave to me," says Michelle.

That world includes people who wrote to Michelle and gave her reason, she says, to not only take her life back but the confidence to show others it can be done.

Michelle worked with one rape survivor who, in an email, told her she was thinking of suicide.

Michelle wrote her back.

"I  wanted her to know that she was worth something, that she was worth living, that everything that you went through, you could teach someone else," says Michelle.

At her fundraiser, Michelle won't just be teaching by being an inspiration and example to others, but by handing out awards to police and first responders.

More importantly, she will help raise money for survivors, to cover hospital bills and living expenses so others can their lives back together.

"This is what that money is for," Michelle says.

Click here to learn more about Michelle's upcoming fundraiser at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland.

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