Name That Scam

Name That Scam

If you could make some extra money on the side doing something pretty easy, you might do it.

But one offer out there is nothing but a con. It's part of this week's Name That Scam.

So many consumers use Paypal to make purchases. But lately they've been receiving emails from an address that is not associated with the company.

We searched Google and found other people asking "is it legit or fake?"

If you click on the return address all that comes up is an expired page. So it could be scammers trying to get your personal information.

Always go to your own address bar to visit sites, or save them as your own bookmark.

If you receive an email from that bogus address, forward it to

Many consumers have also reported offers for a free Android tablet from a business called Preferred Access Ohio.

A letter claiming that by participating in a brief survey, customers will receive a brand new tablet. But that's not always the case.

Many say they had to sit through a 90-minute presentation for a travel club, and they were pressured to provide additional information.

But even after they gave their information, they say they were still denied their free tablet.

The Better Business Bureau gives the company an "F" rating.

The BBB is also warning about scam emails saying you can make big bucks by wrapping your car with a company logo.

The emails promise payment up front. When you receive the check, it's for far more than you were initially offered. You're told to deposit it and wire the difference to another person.

If you deposit the check and withdraw the cash, you will be responsible. You can read more about this scam on the BBB website.

And a reminder about those IRS calls many of you say you have been receiving. If you get one claiming you owe money, hang up.

The IRS will not contact you that way.

You can report any suspected fraud to either or by calling (800) 366-4484.

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