Akron school custodian arrested on drug charges

Akron school custodian arrested on drug charges

A part-time custodian at

was thrown in jail on drug charges.

On Thursday, April 23, Casey M. Clay, 21, of Kohler Avenue in Akron, was arrested after he dropped drugs at his place of employment.

A co-worker, the school's resource officer made the discovery and alerted the Akron Police Department.

Officers then searched his vehicle and located an acid gas generator in the trunk of his car.

Detectives state the gas generator is used in the final stage in the cooking of meth and turns liquid meth into a powder or crystal form.

Clay was booked into the Summit County Jail.

He was charged with illegal manufacturing of methamphetamines and possession of methamphetamines.

Akron School officials sent a letter to parents on Friday:

Akron Public Schools and Akron Police have removed a substitute custodia from the Jennings Community Learning Center after discovering a package of what police believe to be illegal drugs. The discovery was made in the afternoon yesterday. Upon learning of this, police and APS security employees searched the car of the employee. In that search, police believe they have uncovered more similar drug-related evidence.

The custodian is a substitute who fills in when custodians are absent. Thursday was the first and only day he had worked at Jennings. An investigation into this matter is underway and consequences will be serious if they are proven to be true.

APS takes all safety and security issues seriously and pursues every necessary step to ensure that your children and the staff are safe.

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